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777 93 Söderbärke


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0240-320 20
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070-485 64 60

Public transport

Closest train station is Söderbärke 15 km north east of Kopparbo (17 minutes with car). Train from Arlanda (ARN), close to Stockholm and biggest airport in Sweden, takes about 3-4 hours. Search trip at

Kopparbo have a minibus that can pick you up at Söderbärke for a cost of 160 SEK per pickup and can take 1-8 passengers. Please check with Kopparbo that we know that you are coming and have the possibility to pick you up.

The closest bus stop is ”Källan (Söderbärke)” which take 25 minuter with bus 292 from Ludvika. Search times at Some trips needs to be ordered in advance. From the buss stop is it 3,5 km to Kopparbo which takes about 45 to walk.

Car or bus

There is a parking just before you arrive to Kopparbo. It’s well signed so you won’t miss it. It’s free parking. For bigger vehicles it’s easy to turn around by using the two entrences to the parking.
It’s gravel road the last kilometer with a load limit of 4000 kg during spring during thaw.


X: 6651296
Y: 1479960
Lat N 59° 58′ 48″
Lon E 15° 26′ 46″
59.9802, 15.4462

If your GPS can’t find Kopparbo can you search for ”Malingsbo” that is on the other side of the lake. Alternative is to search for Söderbärke.