Kopparbo offers a variety of well developed activities. We have continuous work to enhance the safe and variety programs. You don’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know and we can work it out together!



The Pioneer Trail

The Pioneer Trail has a number of different bridges, a cable way. There are also some old animal traps to see.








Nature Trail

Around our property, a nice track is established with questionnaires about nature. There are two different difficulties level so young and old can compete one another. 








The Natural Science Centre

Here you will examine small insects which you have caught in the Copper Lake. You will use microscope to discover a new, exciting world, identifying what you have found with easy to use identifying guides. The centre also has a nature and environmental trail as well as a nature trail.








Cooperation track

Kopparbo has also established tracks for groups activities to work together in order to achieve tasks that need good cooperation.







Obstacle course

Here you need to be quick and keep your eyes open to follow the rules to go up, over, under, through or around the tracks built by Kopparbo.






Climbing Towers

At Kopparbo you find two 10 meter high climbing towers. Sixteen different tracks with various level of difficulties that gives you the possibilities to learn climbing. Fun and very inspiring to do..!









We have our own orientation map with a number of fixed checkpoints.







Lake activities

In Kopparbo you can also feel the breeze of a blue lake, either on a canoe for two or three persons (we have approx. 40 of them) or rowing boats (8 persons/boat).








Try out an old craftsmanship in our smithy we have, you can learn how to make useful things like hocks, tools and jewelry from scratch with iron. Adaptable depending on group size and experience of participants. Group size max is 12 persons/session and age limit is 15 and above. If interested notify when booking so we can book staff specifically for this activity.


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