Activities at Kopparbo

At Kopparbo there are a number of activities. Continuous work is underway to develop, improve and ensure the various programs and activities. Ask us if there is something you cannot find.

• Campsite (meadow, campfire sites, fixed wind shelters, access to the lake and the forest, being able to take stakes, firewood)
• Food for own preparation (breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack and fruit).
• Hygiene (water, garbage collection, toilets, showers)
• Gathering spaces depending on space (Norra Ladan and the Café)
• Activities (Activity boxes, Box climbing, Baking, Disco, Flying squirrel, Obstacle course, Hammock grove, High balance course, Jacob’s ladder, Canoes, Climbing tower, Low balance course, Natural Science Centre, Nature trail, Orienteering, Ping pong, Pioneer trail, Rowing boats, Rune stone, Collaborative clearing, Outdoor church).

There are additional fees for Forging, Paracord, Dalecarlia horse and Sauna.

Times for sessions

The day is split in 3 parts for activities, some might nudge these time a little but in general 

Morning 9.00 – 12.00Afternoon 14.00 – 17.00Evening 19.00 – 21.00

We try to plan all activities requiring staff  during the day as much as we can but we will try our best to accommodate our guests as the situation occurs.

Staff led activities

Together with Kopparbo's staff, you can stack boxes and see who gets closest to the treetops. Only one person at a time can climb so small groups are good here to minimize waiting time. Staff from Kopparbo are on site to help with safety.
This activity uses the same safety line as the High balance course, so they cannot be done at the same time.

Here you get a real flight and at the same time maybe look like a squirrel jumping from one tree to another. You run forward and at the same time the patrol pulls at the other end of the rope.

Two friends get from tree 1 to tree 2 by walking on a wire a few meters up in the air with the help of each other. You are secured in a harness by personnel from Kopparbo.
Estimated time consumption per team of two people is approx: 10-15min.
This activity is in the same location as the Box climbing and cannot be used at the same time!

Groups of three try to work together to climb to the top of the approximately 15 meter high ladder. You are secured with harnesses and ropes. Personnel from Kopparbo are on site to help with safety.

At Kopparbo you find two 10 meter high climbing towers. Sixteen different tracks with various level of difficulties that gives you the possibilities to learn climbing. Fun and very inspiring to do..!

The Pioneer Trail has a number of different bridges, a cable way. There are also some old animal traps to see.

Slide down the hill on Kopparbo's own water slide, which consists of a 50 meter long canvas. A cubic meter of soapy water is placed above, which lasts about 45 minutes, which is enough for a group of 10-30 people. We recommend bathing after this activity.

Try out an old craftsmanship in our smithy we have, you can learn how to make useful things like hocks, tools and jewelry from scratch with iron. Adaptable depending on group size and experience of participants. Group size max is 12 persons/session and age limit is year turning 15 and above. If interested notify when booking so we can book staff specifically for this activity. This is outside the normal package and has a fee depending on size of the group.

Activities done by the group after instructions or on your own

There are a number of activity boxes that contain activities that you complete on your own but the instructions are in the box.
(carried out on your own)

Here you need to be quick and keep your eyes open to follow the rules to go up, over, under, through or around the tracks built by Kopparbo.

Kopparbo has also established tracks for groups activities to work together in order to achieve tasks that need good cooperation.

With us at Kopparbo, you can easily go out on the lake in our canoes, either two or three people per canoe. We provide life jackets, but you man the escort boat yourself and are responsible for safety. ATTENTION! Only carried out if the weather permits.
In addition to paddling from A to B, we can recommend canoe fireball, canoe orienteering, light trails on the water and canoe slalom. You need to prepare those activities yourself.

Map for canoe and patrol boat
(carried out after the instructions from staff)

The group climbs over a wire that is suspended about 50 cm above the ground without falling down. Each section has its challenges. Cooperation is needed to complete the task. Staff from Kopparbo are on site to help with safety.

Here you will examine small insects which you have caught in the Copper Lake. You will use microscope to discover a new, exciting world, identifying what you have found with easy to use identifying guides. The centre also has a nature and environmental trail as well as a nature trail.

Around our property, a nice track is established with questionnaires about nature. There are two different difficulties level so young and old can compete one another. 

We have our own orientation map with a number of fixed checkpoints.

We have a nice baking house with six outdoor ovens under the roof where you can bake the Dalar Regiment's buns or maybe pizza for dinner (book with staff beforehand). Staff from Kopparbo are on site to help you get started. Preparation is required by the participants (preparing firewood and lighting the ovens). This has an extra fee depending on the material/ingredients used, ask for options.
(carried out on your own after instructions from staff)

makrame armband av paracord
macramé bracelet out of paracord

(spontaneous activity, ask the staff about access to materials. SEK 40/bracelet)
Make macramé bracelets out of paracord.

(booked for SEK 125/occasion including firewood)
Relax after a long week at camp, or warm up if it's chilly. The sauna is wood-burning with a view of the lake. Changing takes place outdoors under cover. There is room for about 10 people at the same time.
Wood is in a box behind the sauna, but you still need to saw/split it yourself.
In the event of a fire ban, this activity can probably still be carried out thanks to contained fire. But be extra careful

dalahäst ämne

You can carve your own Dalecarlia horse! You start with a prepared base piece and carve out the details as you please. (Extra cost of SEK40/piece of wood)