The Area

The area

Kopparbo owns 49 hectares (equivalent to 96 football fields). The area consists of fields and meadows that are used for camp sites for up to 5,000 people, as well as forests where you get wood for your camp work. In the area also extends a kilometer-long sandy beach with several nice bathing areas. The beach is shallow and the water is of good quality. Around the site, we have a right of use for another 91 hectares of forest. Despite the large areas, the camp area is equally suitable for smaller and larger groups, you have the opportunity to get your own camp area. There is the possibility of indoor accomidation with a total of some 50 beds (total for both volonteers and visitors).



Kopparbo Norra is the largest house. There are 22 beds (2+4+6+10), kitchen, two dining rooms, a lounge with fireplace, two toilets and three showers. The house is winter ready and has plates for 60 people. In this house stay “schools camp”, but during the summer it is mainly our volonteers who live here.



Kopparbo Södra is an office and accommodation for nine volonteers. In the basement there is a washing machine for the sites own laundry.


The small houses

Our detached houses offer overnight accommodation for four or six people in each cottage. They are warm but lack toilet and shower. However, they are in close proximity to the outdoor toilett at “Norra”. These cottages can be booked by visiting groups.



Särnastugan is located opposite ”Norra”. The house has a “classroom” that can accommodate up to 30 people. Sleeping on the floor can accommodate up to 20 people. The small room has a bunk bed.



The camp sites are equipped with tank toilets and washbasins for toothbrushing. There is a shower facility with five stalls. The capacity is limited, so they are preferably for leaders and people with special needs. Main hygiene is managed in the lake.


Café och kiosk

Kopparbo has a kiosk where you can buy ice cream, sweets, postcards etc. The café is housed in an old barn, here is it really cozy. The café can be booked for a leaders café or similar. At large camps, there is sometimes a café open to all participants.



There are three fixed windshields in the area, as well as two more 500-600 meters away from Viken. In every windshield it can stay 6-8 people.


Mobile coverage and internet

The mobile coverage varies depending on the operator and where you are in the area. Generally, it is best coverage down by the lake and whether you have Tele2, Comviq or Telenor. At Norra and Södra there is wifi that goes on the link from Tele2’s mobile mast. The capacity is limited so it is for volonteers and thus password protected.