The Area

The Area

kbkarta05The site is 48 hectares (or as large as 96 football fields), agricultural land and meadows used for camps, and woodlands where we may collect firewood and campsite material. We also own a long beach with three designated swimming areas. The beach is sandy and shellow. The water is of excellent quality.
In the countryside surrounding the campsite we have rights of use agreements for another 91 hectares of woodland. Several activities are located in these surroundings. You therefore have the opportunity to have your own camp if you want it to.

The North house

Kopparbo North is the biggest house, offers 22 beds, toilets, a kitchen and a dining room. The house is suitable for winter use.

Small cabins

We offer three small cabins for six person each. The small cabins do not have toilets and showers but they are close to the North house where you can use all its facilities when you rent the cabins.



Särnastugan lies in the opposite site of the North house. It offers a conference room for 30 guests.



One shower is heated by solar energy. You can also wash by the lake using lake water. The subcamp sites have fixed tank toilets.


Café and kiosk

Kopparbo has one café, located in an old but very cozy barn. It only opens during big camps events. Kopparbo has also a kiosk where you can buy ice cream, candies, and postcards.

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